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A Handy Guide for a Perfect Home Pool

When you’re finally ready to dedicate a family pool in your backyard, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the contractor to find the perfect design. Your pool can also increase the real estate value of your home with the inclusion of custom fixtures and a color that contrasts with the exterior of your home. Here are some alternatives to consider to create a wonderful twist for entertaining, friends and loved ones. With these options, you can design your pool to meet the needs of your loved ones and create your perfect oasis. You can visit to know how to maintain your pool properly.

Color Coatings

poolIf you want something different instead of a traditional blue finish, why not opt for a unique color to create a completely different effect. Interior pool finishes in darker colors will absorb heat by radiating UV rays. Graphite gray, dark ebony, or teal will give the landscape a deep, romantic lagoon look. With a pool, you won’t need to buy a pool cooler, which will surely increase your electric bill. Most pools are uncovered from the yard to create seclusion. Now, pools can be found on balconies, rooftops, and shapes that end around the entire yard.

Depth & Size

More and more homeowners are opting for a shallow depth or two shallow ends along with a deep roll in the center. These pools are called sports pools, which are flexible for games. For example, the water should be at least five feet deep so as not to touch the bottom of the pool. If you like to dive, install the diving board at the thick end. A clairvoyant diving section should be between 2 and 3 feet deep. Numerous different sizes can work with almost any outdoor space. Just a small backyard can easily increase the size of your property through a 400-square-foot cocktail pool, an extremely narrow lap pool, in addition to a small plunge pool that is exclusively for trendy relaxation rather than swimming, playing, and pooling.

Pool Shape

poolWhen choosing the type of pool, it should be the place consumed by visitors and family to have fun, play, gather, and relax. One of the biggest design decisions is choosing the best pool layout. There are tons of irregular shapes, however, it is much easier for homeowners to select one of the most popular and traditional shapes. You can design a natural shape to show off the pool contractor. Free-form pools are a bit more expensive than regular shapes, but you are likely to get your custom design. If you bring an enclosure in the winter, get a custom measurement.


poolThe pool lighting design creates light that is dispositive, aesthetic, and functional. This varied and beneficial underwater lighting, known as color therapy, means that the use of color has a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. Other types of LED techniques offer a soft glow and provide visual and mood lighting. Installing low-voltage landscape lighting around the exterior of this pool is meant to illuminate the deck, steps, and pathways. This can help direct your children, guests, and pets around the pool to avoid accidents.

Water Features

This warm water feature is an integrated spa by way of a Jacuzzi waterfall. The circulating water is relaxing and easily masks unwanted noise, such as noisy neighbors and traffic. Your pool will have the look of a resort where you can sunbathe and dip your feet in the water. All those large, shallow horizontal sections are a great place to enjoy the pool without being completely submerged, and they can also be a place for the kids to play. If you want to be comfortable during the day, you can add a lounge chair and an umbrella-covered mixer table that fits on the ledge.

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