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The Team

  • Your home should be your best place where you find peace and joy.

It should create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. However, to achieve this, you need to transform your home into be the paradise you want it to be. Here at Kootenay Homes, we aim to help you make your home a beautiful haven of peace. We offer helpful tips on interior designing, decorating your house, choosing furniture, and other things related to making your place a comfortable one.

Moreover, we have valuable and practical tips on buying various housing units such as condos, apartments, and single residential units. You get advice on what to look for and red flags for a property that will have future problems. Our experts also advise you on obtaining finance for your home projects and exploring the various funding options to ensure you get the best deals.

We also offer you tips on working with service providers to make your home a fantastic place and review various home appliances and machines to enlighten you to buy the most efficient gadgets.

Keep it here for the latest residential properties’ news and updates.

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